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What have you..

I’m not sure if there’s some irony, serendipity or other workings into why I’m back to blogging a year after I initially thought to rejoin the fray. It could be Tunisia, Bosnia, Yemen, Timor-Leste, Egypt, Sudan, Cote d’Ivoire, Nepal, Cyprus, North Korea, Iceland, Greece or maybe Iraq, Afghanistan and all that wiki leaks has loosed upon us. The feeling that I have to say something publicly, whilst this all is transpiring as opposed to someone who chose to “say it with their chest” after the fact needled my ego more than I’ll ever admit. Whatever is driving me too write at this time is something I hope I’ll be able to capture in words later (ego needling aside).  All that you’ll read here is what my eye captured and my mind interpreted, hence the idea of the Blog title Eye Thoughts. It seemed far wittier as a Blog name when it was just an idea, self-deprecation +1. I won’t try to wow you with a ridiculous word count, but by merely having a point and giving you the reason why I see it as such. Caveat: Not to say that, that won’t ever result in a thousand word post, but if it does it’ll be an engaging read. Now let me end this before it becomes a full on ramble.

Sidenote: That line of countries… wow,  this post was a draft for a couple of days and every time I opened it up, I was floored by the number of countries and I could put more and legitimately back it. What does that say about the state of the world?

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