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Truth revealed?

Damn Nicki, I see you blew up. Literally and figuratively.

@ the 0:20 mark, disappoint reigns supreme.

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I do not want this guy watching my back... suuusssspecccttt.

When you have the head of every progressive company backing you (pun) you just may be able to bring about change. The real question is for whom and to what end. But who cares, right?

A little history..

@4:40 is when the proverbial chit, clogs the fan and has the whole room full of a stench.

…my thoughts.. Dick Gregory is going to get himself killed. When you no longer place your own life above a cause is when you’re truly free and vulnerable.

Happy Black History Month..? This is riveting, I can’t turn away.

There’s more of them, but what’s the point of youtube if I post them all.