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Late Night, Tough Talk


It’s an unfortunate truth, but crime pays in America.

Be it thug life or white-collar. Not only that, you’re lauded for it now and then later.. (no corn syrup candy that gives you cavities or diabetes, probably both).

This is Bi-Winning if there ever existed a term prior to Charlie..
Gem class is open.


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Truth revealed?

Damn Nicki, I see you blew up. Literally and figuratively.

@ the 0:20 mark, disappoint reigns supreme.

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A little history..

@4:40 is when the proverbial chit, clogs the fan and has the whole room full of a stench.

…my thoughts.. Dick Gregory is going to get himself killed. When you no longer place your own life above a cause is when you’re truly free and vulnerable.

Happy Black History Month..? This is riveting, I can’t turn away.

There’s more of them, but what’s the point of youtube if I post them all.

Things just ain’t the same for bloggers…

2009 marked the beginning of a new era for bloggers. Our platform for dissension or whatever benevolence you prescribe to has a new penalty, death. Reporters Without Borders compiled the data and it’s quite sobering.